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Internet Agencija WS9

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IT Security

Data Privacy and Data Security
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Internet Agency WS9 is specialized in privacy and security solutions and services.


Internet Agency WS9 supports and familiarizes your organization with the compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and protection against cyber-attacks and other possible data breaches. By building bridges between IT, legal and business, Internet Agency WS9 provides profound end-to-end solutions on both tactical and operational levels and prepares your company for GDPR.


One stop shop

At Internet Agency WS9, we believe that privacy and security are closely related. That’s why we offer your organization a high level, full package deal which covers the mapping of your organization’s legal compliance framework and the implementation of IT security and (sensitive) personal data protection within your organization. Internet Agency WS9 pinpoints which steps you should take in order to be GDPR proof and to protect your organization from data breaches and online attacks. We optimize and keep your framework and procedures up to date to maintain good data security standards.


We think big, we aim high

Internet Agency WS9 delivers consultants who are recruited internationally and trained to fulfill missions in different countries. The GDPR is a current challenge for European companies, but also a growing necessity for every international organization who has business relations within European borders or collects data from European citizens without even physically operating in Europe. IT security and data protection are definitely topics to globally reckon with these days.


Our mission

We build an international organization that recruits, develops and retains top consultants. Our Passion for People is visible in the way we communicate, appreciate involvement, build trust, show respect and integrity. We implement top-notch solutions and services and by changing the behavior of people, we create a long-term added value for our customers.


Our vision

We believe in a world where every organization takes good care of personal data and the privacy of people. We want to support and create business cultures and environments who are resilient to IT security attacks and data breaches.


Our values

To create ongoing and long-term successful relations with our customers, partners and employees, we strive to live our values in everything we do.
In our values we balance a Passion for Winning with a Passion for People.
A passion for winning will be reached by delivering on commitments and going further, excel on results and taking ownership. The passion for people is measured in having an open communication, continuously developing people, show involvement to each other, building up trust and respect and being integer in everything we do.


• GDPR Representative
• Privacy Scan
• Security Scan
• ISO27001 Assessment
• ISO27001 Internal Audit
• ISO27001 Implementation
• Privacy Implementation
• Data Management Strategy
• Privacy Desk
• Chief Information Security Officer
• Privacy Retainer
• Privacy Audit
• Security Audit
• Privacy Awareness
• Security Awareness
• Security Retainer