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ECOalarm – It is time to map every kind of pollution with as much information as possible

ECOalarm – It is time to map every kind of pollution with as much information as possible

Internet Agency WS9 has launched a funding campaign for the ECOalarm.online project.

The project is in the development process and the start is expected on October 1, 2020.

You can see more information about the project below.

Help fight pollution in your community.

It is time to put every kind of pollution on the map.

Report pollution story in your community.

Add pictures, videos and information and help map environmental pollution.

1. See pollution in your environment?

Air pollution / Water pollution / Soil pollution / Solid Waste Pollution / Other pollution

2. Upload pictures and descriptions in your native language.

• Add the information you know.
• List possible solutions.
• Create petitions to address the environmental situation / problem.
• Create and add donation links to help fund protests, environmental clean-up actions or other activities.
• Add an anti-pollution event or an environmental clean-up event, then record it with a report and mark the resolution of an environmental problem.
• Add documents, research and reports.

3. Share the link on social networks.

Tag your friends and challenge them to document the pollution they came across.

The ECOalarm Supervisor review team, together with partner organizations and ECOalarm authors/editors, will investigate and verify the reports. The reports will then be presented to the relevant environmental authorities and organizations in your country and will also help them to plan the cleanup or the resolution of the problem. Also, ECOalarm gives the possibility of complete self-initiative within the admin panel for authors.

Contribute to preserving your environment. Invite people around the world by informing the public around you and all media outlets.

Report. Share. Take Action.

Act locally, think globally.

Climate change is happening due to human activities and due to natural processes that simply have to happen. Science has shown that time is running out. Our climate is changing due to our neglect. We cannot influence natural processes, but we can influence human action.

ECOalarm.online will be a 24-hour up to date database of environmental problems with as many details and descriptions as possible. Also, it will connect the given environmental situation with the competent individual, group, organization or government institution, and then integrate with petitions, donor systems, Facebook events and much more. People of all ages can see in one place all the relevant information about an environmental situation and can act faster and be better in fighting against pollution.

ECOalarm will aim to be a credible form of recording environmental problems.

It is important to report pollution.

We have a strong will to be better at organizing and connecting
environmental problems and their solutions.

Help us to start seriously and act long term with ECOalarm.online.

Homepage - ECOalarm.online

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Current situation and Why?

• Generally not every pollution gets enough attention.
• Because sometimes it takes a lot of time to get relevant information about an environmental situation or crisis.
• Environmental problems quickly fall into obscurity on social media.
• Because there is not one serious online service that records all kinds of information about various environmental situations / problems.
• Because every environmental pollution should be adequately recorded and reviewed.
• Because many eco-crowdfunding campaigns are insufficiently followed, are without enough credibility and knowledge and are forgotten. As a result, individuals or organizations are not able to realize a serious protest or a solution.

There is simply a need for better coordination. Every polluted place requires action and intervention with available information that this site and application aim to provide.

Simple List Page Example - ECOalarm.online

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The mobile application allow maximum interaction

• Mobile App enable you to report all types of air, water, soil, solid waste pollution that are a health hazard in your environment or others pollutions.

• Add as much information as possible, add photos, videos, and all other sorts of information, as well as petitions, donations, and events for a single problem.

• Record and edit your reports then share with your friends and relevant organizations, government institutions and other agencies.

• You can also assign values about health factors so that measures can be taken to reduce health risks.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

All the details of one ecological problem in one place

Example of Environmental Problem - ECOalarm.online

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Main Features

Description, Images, Videos, Maps
• Add descriptions, images, videos, area and location markings without data or character limits.

Useful Links & Documents
• List useful links and upload all relevant documents without data limit.

• Set up research and add existing reports.

Competent NGOs
• Connect the environmental situation with the competent NGOs in the region.

Proposed Solution
• Enter a description of the proposed solution with accompanying references.

• Assign hashtags and create keywords.

Petitions & Donations
• “Take Action” enables you to link the current petitions and/or donation sites with live number monitoring of signings and donated funds.

Add an anti-pollution event
• Add a link to the event that accompanies the protest intended for a given environmental situation. Also, there’s a possibility of adding reports and photos of the results achieved for each individual protest.

Comment and share
• Comment and share on your social media any environmental situation or pollution.

Other Discussions
• Add additional links to discussions on a given environmental situation such as Facebook groups, forums etc.

Mobile Apps - ECOalarm.online

There is maximum interactivity between a user and an ecological situation / problem.

User Potential
• Each user has the opportunity to change and supplement the content and thus gain higher user title- User/Editor/Author.

User Management
• View all authors and editors with or without a name, chronologically by the number and type of changes they made for each environmental situation.

Insight Into the Solutions
• Each user will have an easier, faster and better insight into the solutions of similar environmental situations recorded by environmental experts.

• Every author or editor will have access to complex analytical data.

Ecological Profile & Credit
• Each author/editor has the possibility to create his or her own ecological profile as an individual or an organization.

The concept of information infrastructure

Unique Single Page
• It will assign a unique single page to each environmental situation or pollution with a range of possibilities.

All Available Information
• It will display all available and relevant information about an environmental crisis, pollution, climate change or natural catastrophe

Changing Existing Data
• Add or alter all relevant data on existing research on a given environmental situation or pollution.

Multilingual Content Review
• Multilingual content review – Every environmental situation or pollution is documented in the language of the region it occurred in. Additional basic information in English is also provided. (English is default language)

Information Requirement
• There’s not a minimum or a maximum information requirement when adding text or images/videos.

Customer Support
• There’s 24-hour live customer support with a team of six to help monitor all activities.

Multi-Language Website & App

The plan is to translate the site into all languages. The top 100 languages of the poorest countries in the world will be a priority.


General Collection
• A general collection of information on each contaminated site.

Suggestive Coordination
• Information processing and, if necessary, suggestive coordination with an individual or an organization from that region.

Identifying and Proposing
• Identifying and proposing the best solutions based on similar previously resolved environmental situations / problems. Proposals will be given through manual and automatic proposal systems with suggestions from other authors or organizations.

• Connecting the environmental situation / problem with the physically closest competent group/individual or organization and further information gathering.

All Countries
• A plan to expand to all countries in the form of verified authors that will contribute to the cause in their mother language.

Online Education
• Online education of users, editors and authors as well as additional training of environmental staff for further professional purposes by environmental experts.

• Encouraging minimal cost funding for authors and field experts

Search Visibility
• Better search visibility when searching with keywords in the mother language, as well as in English.

Trending Timeline
• Creating a trending timeline of known problems for the selected country, category or subcategory.

The Team Expands
• The desire to archive all environmental crises on the planet in the last 30 years. The timeline will go further in the past after the team expands.

Simple List Page Example - ECOalarm.online

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Mission and vision

The main goal of the website and application is to update and publish all types of environmental problems on our planet in real-time with the ability to add more important information. All this will enable better and faster action towards the solution of the problem.

We want a solid and strong organization and our goal is to create a globally functional application and website that will have the task of professionally recording all types of environmental problems and then give possible solutions to them.

We have tens of thousands of small pollutants that do not receive enough attention and because of that, they remain unsolved. Serious and responsible interventions are needed in many ways to end these problems. We believe that this is one of the possible actions.

The goal of ECOalarm.online is to establish the highest level of cooperation with all relevant organizations towards better joint action.Our goal is to establish an ECOalarm network in all countries of the world through existing environmental organizations and individuals, and if necessary, even ministries.

Possibilities of displaying important information provided by ECOalarm are listed in the section “Main Features”.

Our global mission is to build a better future in which people live in harmony with nature. From our experience with the world’s leading independent nature conservation organizations, we know that the well-being of humans is closely linked to the well-being of wildlife and the environment. That is why we use an integrated and specific approach to our work. Every step is important and so is this one.

Initiative: Google Search - Location and type of pollution

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When someone searches for an environmental situation / problem on Google.com through Google Live Top Search Widget, they will get a reliable outcome in the form of a top search result if they include the word “pollution” in their search.

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All suggestions are welcome.

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