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We became distributors of EUROPAGES.com / WLW.de (visable.com)

We became distributors of EUROPAGES.com / WLW.de (visable.com)

At the end of 2019, the WS9 Internet Agency signed a contract with Visable.com based in Hamburg (Germany) and Europages.com in Paris (France).

Our quality of services has reached a high level of realization, which is proved by this signing of a contract with a long-term proven foreign company. Proof of our expertise is trust from a foreign company, Wer Liefert Was (WLW.de / WLW.at / WLW.ch) and Europages.com, which together operate under the name VISABLE.com employ nearly 400 people with an annual profit of 50 million euros.

All the services offered by Europages.com and WLW are now also available in our offer Internet Agency WS9.

Europages focuses on increasing exports from a group of industrial manufacturers, services, intermediaries and wholesalers. It also enables new business contacts to be created, giving everyone the opportunity to thrive because Europages speaks the language of your customers.

“Europages.com” and “Wer Liefert Was” are ideal ways to promote one company’s export potential and allow businessmen to make direct contact with over 3.6 million active companies across Europe and the world in 26 different languages. Europages counts over 9 million products with over 50 million unique visits annually, targeting primarily professional business users, managers and directors, ie decision makers within the company.

Europages allows you to publish a detailed offer of your company on Europages.com professionally translated into 15 languages ​​and available on 26 sites covering the whole of Europe, Russia, China and America. The listing on Europages.com includes a detailed business description with a detailed product description where Google of each country indexes all relevant information in the home languages ​​of that country. Also, within the same price, you are entitled to full use of WLW services in proportion to the chosen package.