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The Case for Fresh Content for Law Firm Websites @Germany

The Case for Fresh Content for Law Firm Websites @Germany

There are an estimated 70,000 law firms spanning the Germany. A law firm’s website is their best representative, and in many cases, the first entry point for prospective clients. Setting your law firm apart from the rest may seem like an intimidating task, but the solution may just start with creating fresh content for your website.

Establishing your digital footprint has never been more important than it is today. Of the hundreds of factors that contribute to determining your law firm’s ranking for search engines, new content is both incredibly valuable and attainable.

Publishing new, relevant content to your law firm’s website and blog strengthens your web presence, your search engine ranking and your relationship with both existing and prospective clients. Fresh content works to elevate the visibility of your law firm, provide solutions for visitors and in turn, drive additional traffic towards contacting your firm. In a digitally-driven world, it is critical to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to staying ahead of your competitors.

Your website is a reflection of your law firm. It is important to make sure your content speaks to your target audience. Writing about current topics relevant to your firm is a great way to drive potential clients in your direction. News posts should be seen as an opportunity to publish SEO-rich content, bringing potential clients to your firm’s site. Web visitors want to read articles that are filled with relevant content, helping them to gain valuable insights. Content topics can range from articles focusing on current cases and law changes to guidelines and resources for individuals seeking assistance. Search engines are constantly looking for the most updated information a site can provide. Reporting on current laws and cases pertinent to your firm is a great way to consistently rank well amongst search engines.

It is essential to keep a polished brand voice across all distribution channels and published posts. With so many working parts comprising a law firm, the tone of the content can often become muddled over time. Inconsistent content gives the reader the impression that the separate entities involved in the law firm are not working together as they should. Visitors want to see consistent content throughout a site, as it plays a key role in shaping their overall experience. In a world where options are just a matter of clicks away, you want your law firm to stand out to those who visit it. If your firm’s website has had multiple authors over the years, simply polishing previous posts to ensure an overarching brand voice can make all the difference.

Fresh content does not necessarily mean brand new blog posts each day of the week, as that may be a lofty goal. Much of your site may have evergreen content on it. Evergreen content is relevant year-round, and unlikely to change after its publication. This can be information regarding types of cases your law firm handles, a FAQ section or the experience of law professionals and things to note about your law office. Improving upon previously published work can mean restructuring posts, adding keywords or providing further educational content by creating new pages. Blog posts and evergreen content can work symbiotically. The blog posts often contain more current events and can drive new traffic to your law firm’s website, which will then bring clients to the valuable evergreen content you’ve published.

Remember, when it comes to creating new content, change comes from within. You do not have to rely on major industry changes to update your website. Of course, with breaking information or changes in laws, adding fresh content surrounding these events greatly contributes to higher search engine rankings. If your firm receives press, you’ll want to have that featured on your site as well.

If you need a hand with providing useful content for prospective clients and referral sources, WS9 Group is here to help you get started.