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Your Law Firm Has a New Website, Now What?

Your Law Firm Has a New Website, Now What?

Online marketing plays a key role in the success of a business and in a highly competitive area like legal representation, having a website that reflects your achievements is vital for gaining prospective clients.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist to make sure your new website is performing at its best.

Mobile Friendly

According to a 2016 study, 77% of European adults own a smartphone. If a law firm’s website is not mobile-friendly, it may be costing the firm potential clients who utilize their phones as research tools. Google is less likely to display search results for a website that is not compatible with mobile devices, as it does not appear as legitimate. Mobile-friendly websites can significantly help improve organic search results. A responsive website allows your firm to reach potential clients across multiple platforms.

Targeted Traffic

Increasing your law firm’s visibility on the web is important. Showing your law firm’s website to the people who need it most is indispensable. A good website can serve as a firm’s largest marketing tool. Driving targeted traffic to your website means generating revenue. With the right targeted audience, those interested in your services are more likely to stay and refer your site to others. The longer targeted traffic remains on your pages, the higher the likelihood of the visitors signing up to receive promotional content or newsletters. Building that relationship with your target audience allows you to continue marketing towards them in the future.

Tracking Analytics

Are you tracking your progress? A good digital agency will make sure you are reaching your goals. With the proper analytics in place, you’ll be able to know just how many individuals are reaching your contact page. Analytics is, afterall, the only surefire way to make sure your campaign is running according to plan. By tracking analytics, you can find out if your site is performing the way you intended. With that knowledge, improvements can be made and efforts can be adjusted to better achieve your law firm’s goals.

Optimizing Content

You’ll want your website to be constantly optimized, evolving just like your firm does. Optimizing and improving website content is essential for search engine recognition and ranking. New blog posts can show up for clients who may be researching your firm. Additionally, potential clients may come from referrals, so make sure the content on your site pertains to your specific type of firm. Your practice should be clearly explained for potential clients.

When publishing blog posts, make sure proper targeted keywords are peppered throughout your work rather than stuffed throughout. While SEO-rich content is made to improve your law firm’s overall visibility on the web, it is the same content being read by potential clients. Make sure the content being produced reads well to your targeted audience.

Valuable Resources

By adding to your law firm’s FAQ or resources pages, you are building your credentials as a trustworthy resource. When clients are choosing an attorney, answers to their questions and relevant queries can be a definitive marker in their decision making. Additionally, adding client reviews and testimonials can have a great influence over potential clients’ decision to contact your firm.

Attorney Directories

Building a widespread web presence is a great way to get your law firm’s name out there. If the goal is to reach a variety of potential clients, utilizing online directories and attorney profile sites can greatly help. Often, the attorney directory is the most accessed part of a firm’s website. Your attorneys already have a stellar reputation; building an informative attorney profile can serve as yet another point of entry to your law firm’s site. Attorney profile websites truly benefit the law firm in that prospective clients can get a firm grasp on the services provided. These attorney directories also help in boosting the site’s rankings and providing positive backlinks to aid in organic searches.

Choosing a law firm is not an easy feat, and chances are very likely that potential clients will want to check out your website before making their decision. Since your website is your best representative, make sure you’ve done your part in optimizing your site to accurately represent the excellence of your law firm.